Interested in contacting us about our American Saddlebred horses or our Australian Shepherd puppies? Please email, call or text with any questions. I ask that you remember this is my home as well so please be respectful of the time. No calls before 8:00am or after 10:00pm please.

If you are making a deposit on a puppy and mailing your contract to me, be sure to use the mailing address and not the farm address. Our rural route carrier is not reliable and I will most likely not receive it if sent to the farm address. And please let me know when it has been sent so I can keep an eye out for it.

La Dolce Vita Farms

John & Andi Sheperd

12200 North Douglas Blvd

Jones, OK 73049





Mailing address

Andi Sheperd

2410 W. Memorial Road, Ste 402C

Oklahoma City, OK 73134